Shower Filter

ShowerFilterThe Shower Filter including 100 litres of Crystal Bio media is suitable as the main filtration for koi and garden ponds and quarantine tanks. The Shower Filter is also an ideal add on filter to existing filtration systems on koi and garden ponds.
Crystal Bio is a unique, eco-friendly filter-media, heated in excess of 900°C, creating a hyper-connecting glass cell structure. This produces media with a surface-area at least 10 times greater than most plastic alternatives. Furthermore, the weight is extremely low in comparison to other porous filter media: 100 litres of Crystal Bio weights 15 kg. The Shower Filter is also available with built-in 300 micron stainless steel sieve above the filter-media. This version of the Shower Filter comes with 50 litre Crystal Bio media.
The PE housing is also equipped with a 90mm waste outlet for the sieve. Height: 123 cm, diameter: Ø45 cm, colour: granite stone, inlet: 63mm, outlet: 90mm, incl. flexible bend. Читать далее